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Featured Member - Stephen Heath


Stephen Heath
Stephen Heath

How did you start in photography?

Like most it seems, it was my grandad who encouraged me as a child to photograph my family, he was always there when you were sulking, had a splinter or a bee sting. It wasn’t until art college that I realised just what I had learned from Grandad and used composition and colour theory to build an image just like he did with his family portraits.

What is your genre and how did you fall into that genre?

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Featured Member - Kirsten Graham

Kirsten Graham
Kirsten Graham

How did you start in photography?

Photography was always a passion, and when it came time to choose a career I was fortunate to have a family that supported following what I was interested in, not what "I should be doing" with my school results. I then studied at TAFE and graduated 20 years ago this year. I'm totally not old enough for it to have been that long ago?! From there it was straight into a full time job, then building my own business. 

What is your genre and how did you fall into that genre?

Do you want to make a difference?

Make a Difference graphic

Have you considered joining the Pro Photography WA committee? 

Elections for committee members will soon be open and we would love to have you onboard. 

If you have considered becoming a committee member or volunteering with the crew, get in touch and come along to a committee meeting to see what it's all about. Our nomination forms will be sent out to all the members shortly before our AGM which is scheduled for October. 

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Fitzgerald Photo Imaging is a professional photo laboratory and digital bureau located in North Perth. We handle all aspects of photographer workloads by concentrating on production and workflow issues.

What does that mean for you?

A trained imaging professional checks every print processed ensuring each one is perfect. That's right, every single one. Everyone gets the same treatment, amateur photographers as well as professional photographers.

How can you be sure?

Featured Member - Seng Mah

Seng Mah
Seng Mah

1. What advice do you have for those starting out?

Find your niche and keep at it. It's important to find what it is in photography that floats your boat, that gets you excited to get behind the lens and to press the shutter button. It's different things to different people, so the first step is to work out what it is that gets you going as a photographer. Forget about what other people are doing, or what the "market" is when it comes to photography. 

You do you. And when you know what this is, then stick with it. Make others aware that you're doing this and it's unique and it's you, and start sharing your work (your vision) as widely as you can. Do it online. Do it in exhibitions (self or groups). Do books. Do magazines. Do whatever it takes to "publish" your work and to make the community aware of it. Talk/write/vlog about it with the same passion that drives you to create these images. You'll find like-minded people who adore your work, love your outlook and want to get to more into your work. These will become your customers, your followers. Be good to them and it will breed loyalty. Find ways to turn them into a community of

 sorts. Ask yourself, "what is it that binds all these people who like my work?" And this becomes the glue that brings that community together. 

Be an active part of the community: create new work, share and talk about it, engage with the people who love your work and tell them more about what you're doing. Give them something in return -- acknowledgments and tokens of your gratitude for their support. 

But the most important thing of all is BE STICKY. Stick with it, even when it seems that you've lost your mojo. We all have "off-days" and they come and go quickly. Find ways to keep your interest in your work and in photography fresh, and you'll find fewer "off-days" and more "exciting days". 

Accreditation for Anthea Kirkman

Anthea Kirkman and Mark Brierley
Anthea and Mark

We are proud to announce Anthea Kirkman as our first Pro Photography WA Inc. Accredited Photographer. Accreditation Coordinator Alan Wallace, and President Mark Brierley met Anthea to hand over her Accreditation certificate. Alan said "After many hours of hard work by all involved it was fantastic to have our first accredited photographer registered, and all within less than 12 months from opening the doors of PPWA." 

The two main objectives of the Pro Photography WA Inc. Accredited Photographer Scheme are to provide clients with a reasonable degree of assurance that an Accredited Photographer will provide quality work in a professional manner and be adequately insured for public liability, and to provide Accredited Photographers with a valuable ‘point of difference’ when competing with non-accredited photographers.

For details on Accreditation and to apply, see: Accredited Photographers.

(If you are a Pro Photography WA Member and wish to apply to be `Accredited', please log in to the website and visit the `ACCREDITATION' section under "MEMBERS ONLY".)

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