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Use this on-line form to register your details on the Pro Cover Register

Professional Photographers are often solo operators and can be in need of assistance from a fellow professional in times of need, such as isolating due to COVID or are unavailable due to illness or perhaps need a break with the family.

By registering your details here, you can make it known that you may be available to help out and shoot for a pro in need.

(Please click on the title to expand the terms of service)

The terms of this service offered by Pro Photography WA are;

  • Pro Photography WA Inc. are not responsible for any arrangements between yourself and the fellow pro you are assisting.
  • Pro Photography WA do not receive any commission or financial reward or payment of any kind for this service. 
  • Any disputes are between yourself (the photographer offering to assist) and the photographer in need of assistance and will not involve Pro Photography WA.
  • Any payment for the support and time provided by the assisting photographer is by agreement between the photographer offering the assistance and the photographer requiring assistance.
  • You may wish to consider that a payment of 50% of the photographer shoot fee that is charged to the client be a fair payment for your service (and this is for you to negotiate).
  • It is understood that by offering your services to assist, you may not always be available (for example, due to pre-existing commitments).
  • Be aware that although non-Members of Pro Photography WA can be included in this register, ONLY Pro Photography WA Members can access and use the register. If you would like to access the Pro Photography WA Cover register, you are welcome to Apply for Membership.
By checking this box, you are acknowledging and agreeing with the terms outlined above.
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