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By completing this on-line form or using this register, your details will be added to the Pro Photography WA's `Assistants Register'. 

The photographers listed on this register are making themselves available to other pro photographers who are looking for a photography assistant or second shooter.

(Please click on the title to expand the terms of this register)

Terms of the Register

Please note that by completing this form you are agreeing to the following terms.

  • Pro Photography WA Inc. is only providing the information for each assistant's listing and cannot confirm the accuracy of this information provided by the assistant.
  • The option of registering the details of an assistant is available to the public. The viewing of the registry of all assistants is available to Pro Photography WA Members only.
  • Pro Photography WA Inc. does not vet or otherwise review any person who chooses to list themselves on the register, nor the data which they provide. Pro Photography WA Inc. and its officers accept no liability whatsoever for the use of this register, and do not warrant the ability or bona fides of the assistant.
  • Pro Photography WA Inc is not involved in any arrangement between an assistant and a register user.
  • Pro Photography WA Inc does not receive any commission or any payment relating to this service.
  • Any contractual term and conditions, arrangements, agreements and payments are between the register user and the assisting photographer.
  • Any disputes are between the assistant and the `register user' photographer engaging the assistant's services.
  • It is understood that the assisting photographer may not always be available (for example, due to pre-existing commitments).
  • Be aware that non-members of Pro Photography WA may also be included in this register.

Register user = The Pro Photography WA member using the register to find an assistant photographer.
Assistant/Assisting Photographer =  The person who has registered their details on the register

If you would like to access the Assistants Register (available to Pro Photography WA Members only), you are welcome to Apply for Membership.

By checking this box, you are acknowledging and agreeing with the terms outlined above.
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