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Image by Craig Kinder "After the Tsunami, Sri Lanka".

Be part of the team that supports the local WA professional photography Industry. 

Pro Photography WA is open to sponsorship arrangements and already has, with some of the best companies in the industry on the sponsorship team.

Sponsorship packages are available and designed to provide you with maximum exposure to our Members and opportunities to network and develop meaningful, working relationships for the mutual benefit of all involved.


Please note;

Sponsorship of Pro Photography WA is open to organisations and businesses that can be of benefit and interest to our Membership. Acceptance of a sponsorship will depend on a number of considerations such as the sponsorship `blend and  fit' with our current sponsors, the perceived and real benefits to our Membership and the photographic industry. The Pro Photography organising team who determine these considerations reserve the right to decline and accept sponsorship offers and will be able to advise you of a best fit sponsorship package.


To enquire about a sponsorship package, contact with your details and our Sponsorship Coordinator will happily meet up with you. 

Our Sponsors