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PPWA Association Structure

Pro Photography WA Inc is an incorporate association formed under the Associations Incorporation Act of Western Australia. The Association is managed on behalf of the members by a committee of up to eight members. The committee is elected by the members, usually at the Annual General Meeting. The committee members are not paid for serving the association and do not benefit financially in any way.

Three major benefits of this structure are:

  • There are no paid staff, so running costs are low
  • All decisions are made locally, for the benefit of the members
  • The members directly determine who will serve on the committee, and can readily access the ‘people making the decisions’.

The Association is governed by a set of Rules and By Laws. In addition, the committee has produced various policy and procedure documents detailing the operation of the Association.

Membership is available to pro photographers/videographers in three classes: ordinary membership, retiree membership and student membership. Retiree and student members pay a reduced fee, but they have no voting rights and cannot serve on the committee. Ordinary members can elect to apply to become accredited and advertise themselves as Pro Photography WA Inc. Accredited Photographers or Accredited Videographers.

Non-members who are interested in what Pro Photography WA is doing can register free of charge as ‘subscribers’ and receive the newsletter..

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