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Pro Photography WA is all about supporting and servicing the Professional Photographer, particularly in Western Australia and also in collaboration with many contacts, associates and friendships around Australia and the world.

Born from a void created by the disappearance of a number of photography associations such as the Professional Photographer Association (PPA), Advertising Commercial and Magazine Photographers  (ACMP), and (recently) the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), Pro Photography WA is designed to be an association that is available for all genres of professional photography.  For the many members of these historic photography organisations and a wider audience of working professionals.

Image by Alan Wallace
Image by Alan Wallace

For many pro photographers, working in isolation is common and it is rare for a pro to work in `teams'. There is a need for `pros' to associate, congregate, socialise and gather for the common benefit of all. The need for an association to simply facilitate and encourage pro photographers to gather is paramount to stay current, in-touch and continue to grow. To continually develop their technical and creative skills and their knowledge.

There are many people in the industry who have voiced a need for such an organisation, including pro photographers from a variety of genres AND from industry suppliers and manufacturers. Support has been strong from pro retailers, pro labs, camera manufactures and photographic suppliers. Not for just the same type of association as before, but for an organisation that is contemporary and in touch with the trendsetting photographers of today.

Pro Photography WA has been designed from the start to be;

  • suited to today's pro photographer.
  • readily adaptable to changes in the industry.
  • low cost to Members.
  • provide services and events that are relevant to today's pro.
  • welcoming to ALL genres of photography.
  • light on administration and operational costs.
  • supportive to Members in their continuing development as a talented, skilled and experience professional.


The best way to influence the direction of the Association is to be a part of it. Engage in it's activities and have your say by joining Pro Photography WA.


Pro Photography WA is designed and managed by Pro Photographers for Pro Photographers.

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